The Next Most Popular Pet-Exotic Fish

Exotic, Silent, Colorful.

Having a pet can really refresh our lives and bring a whole new energy and atmosphere in our everyday routine. There are even many health benefits of owning a pet, because Aquariums with Fish can improve our mood and provide stress relief. As a perfect companion and a tranquilizer in the house, a fish can be an amazing roommate.

Fish are very popular as pets, and for a good reason. Fish are known for their calm, tranquil, solitary nature, so they can have a relaxing effect and soothe your anxiety. This is especially the case with the exotic fish, since their vivid, sparkling, intense colors are simply radiant and hypnotizing. With exotic fish, you will always have a beautiful view in front of your eyes, because of their hues, elegant gliding through the water, their placidity after all – fish are ideal pets for those who would like to enjoy peace and silence.


Exotic Fish

Moreover, fish do not fall into a fit of rage, or any kind of destructive behavior when they’re left alone in the house, unlike many other pets. Also, you can have an exotic fish in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily adjust aquarium and set it up as you wish. No need to mention that fish are very clean animals, they are not demanding: no brushing, grooming, or chasing around the house for a bath. Well, they are already in water, right?

Many exotic fish can beautify your home. Malawi Cichlid is very popular species not just because of the colors, but also for their amiable behavior; Tiger Oscar with divine orange pattern; Datnoid for larger aquariums; and there many other species that are beautiful and may be a great decoration for any place that needs unique and exquisite animal inhabitant.

Of course, fish are not demanding when it comes to their physical appearance, but the state of their environment is very important. Aquariums should be well maintained, water and temperature should be taken care of. However, this is not some big effort, they just want a pleasant setting to be gorgeous as they are. Keeping an exotic fish as a pet can certainly be a great hobby, very practical, sophisticated, and non-expensive. Equipment for their conditions is affordable, and anyone who wants a silent but still interesting pet can buy an exotic fish and enjoy in their charms.

Pets will always supply us with good energy, and everyone who comes to your house will certainly admire the beauty of your new fellow.


5 Reasons Cats are Better Pets than Dogs.

Cats Versus Dogs: Cats Always Win! 

For those of you who think that a dog is man’s best friend… You really don’t know how terribly wrong you are! Yes, it is true that the best companion for a man (or a woman) has four feet, but that’s where all similarities end. The right answer (is as obvious as can be) is a cat. Yes! That’s true! Man’s best friend is a feline. For those of you who frown at that statement, here’s a list of reasons why cats make superior pets to dogs.

1. Cats Eat Very Little:
Cats eat very little in comparison to dogs. The bigger your dog gets the more you have to spend on it’s food. Cats however are quite the reverse. Most cats require frequent meals as kittens. Adult cats however settle down and eat two square meals a day (P.S. They don’t really mind if the bowl is square or round!).

2. No Early Morning Walks:
While a dog requires high levels of activity, cats do not need the same level of effort. At 6 am in the morning, you will find the dog lovers sleepily tugging at their dogs leashes and begging them to be done with natures call. So what do cat lovers do at 6 am in the morning? They are curled up snugly in bed with their darling fur ball as a muffler! So where do cats do their job? A litter box appropriate to their sizes deals with the problem. The cat is happy and so are you. After all it takes only two minutes to clean their litter box and you can do it when you are wide awake!

Cats Over Dogs
3. No Slobbering:
One of the worst habits that dogs have is that they slobber and drool. Do you know what happens when a dog gets excited? It covers you with licks and saliva. That’s where cat’s are so different. A happy cat is a purring cat! Such a pleasant way to convey happiness. If you really bond with your feline friend, then you may get a complimentary grooming session. What does that entail? Plenty of licks but no (yuck) saliva!

4. You Have Your Personal Space:
Dogs have no concept of personal space. Cats however love their own space and are quite understanding if you demand your own. You can sit in a room for hours working while your feline friend sits next to you snoozing or maybe even purring. Dogs on the other hand are constant attention seekers and need your attention whenever you are in the same room. If you don’t give them the attention they need then you will have chewed slippers and the likes to deal with!

5. Cats Fit Well In Small Houses:
Dogs require large spaces to run and even to live in. Their feline counterparts are different in that aspect. Cats fit as perfectly in a small apartment as they do in a large house. They find ways to entertain themselves and make themselves as unobtrusive as possible. Cupboards and other high unreachable areas soon become their viewing spots. They never get underfoot as dogs tend to do.

Cats are sweet, cuddly, good tempered and easy to look after. These reasons are just a gist of why cats make better pets than dogs. The only way to truly understand how affectionate and loving a cat can be is to get one of your own.